Empowerthe Future

KTEQ was founded in 2020, headquartered in Tallinn. The company already has two unique products in its portfolio.

We are

a young company with an enormous passion for technology & e-mobility who dares to think big and isn't afraid to be different. Our combined experience from major automotive OEMs and prominent consulting firms provides the breadth and depth necessary to solve challenging problems end-to-end.


principle to develop best-in-class products and services is a clear and holistic understanding of your pain points in combination with the rapid delivery of a tailor-made pain killer. To achieve this, we listen carefully, iterate quickly and put the customer benefit always in the centre of all our efforts.

The most

important principle is that a well thought user experience makes our products unique. Too often, good technology fails because the user experience is too complex. We know how to apply technology to simplify rather than to complicate your life. We are not just simply swimming with the flow and wait for others to establish improvements! We surf the big waves and utilize technologies in a better way by ourselves.

What we do

Drive more, worry less

Our mobile app significantly improves the EV travel experience by turning every trip into a more convenient and efficient journey

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The solution is never just technology

Our service focuses on advanced data analytics & enables businesses to move rapidly from data, to options, to confident and informed decisions.

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